On 21 May 2020 Byron Shire Council assessed and approved our DA for a mixed use development. This is now under construction and is known as Jonson Lane.

On 17 March 2021 we lodged a DA Modification with Byron Shire Council. Our hope is that we may build a rooftop pool and gardens on a section of one of the two rooftops for use by the building residents only. Please find below some FAQs regarding this DA modification. Please go to the Drawings tab to view artists impressions of the proposed rooftop area including the view from various vantage points around the development.

FAQs re DA Modification for a rooftop pool and gardens

1.0 Have you addressed the issue of noise?

The acoustic engineers conducted an environmental noise impact assessment of the proposed rooftop pool and based on their recommendations which include a 1.30m high glass balustrade along the northern boundary with 135 Jonson Street, the pool complies with the noise level criteria.

2.0 What about the visual impact?

Neighbours will not be able to see the pool area. It is set back from Jonson Street and also set back from the neighbouring property at 135 Jonson Street so that people using the pool can’t look down into the neighbours’ property.

3.0 How big is this proposed area?

The proposed rooftop pool and garden area is approximately 180m2 or 7% of the 2,835m2 site area. It’s an open air pool and garden area on one of the two building rooftops that is only allowed to be used by the residents of Jonson Lane. There are no cooking facilities or entertaining areas.

4.0 How does this affect the overall height of the development?

The height of the building will not substantially change. There would be an additional 60 square metres (approximately) above the 9.0m Height Of Building limit which is ~2% of the site area and roughly the size of a  three car garage.

Please contact us at any time with feedback or questions. Thank you.