What’s different

Since receiving community feedback the following changes to the 2017 application have been made:

  • The two buildings are now three storeys only. The fourth level was a concern to the community and has been removed entirely.
  • The shop top housing is now permanent housing only. All serviced apartments (short term accommodation) have been removed. We have gone from 26 serviced apartments and 24 permanent residential apartments to 28 permanent residential apartments.
  • Permanent housing layout has been reconfigured to provide increased variety with studio, one, two, three and four bedroom apartments.
  • Due to concerns regarding traffic and noise from immediate neighbours the child care centre has been removed.
  • The setback from the northern boundary to houses on the first and second floors has increased from 5.6 – 5.8 to 6 metres.
  • Landscaped garden beds on the balconies of the houses on the first floor to the northern boundary have increased in width from approximately 1.5 to 2.5 metres.
  • The electricity padmount has been relocated from Jonson Street to the north east corner of the site in Ruskin Lane and will no longer be visible from either Jonson or Browning Streets.
  • Loading bay dimensions and associated waste storage facilities have been amended.
  • Entry to the car park has been amended.
Artist’s impression of 139 Jonson